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"William Weatherford, His Country and His People", is a work of rare insight; of lasting historical importance; a compassionate and perceptive view of the Creek Chief Red Eagle and his people - the Creek Indians. It is perhaps the most sensitive, detailed, and eloquent book ever written on the subject.

Lavender Publishing Agency
Bay Minette, AL

It is a beautiful, moving tribute to the Creek people and a valuable history of the period from {just before} 1800 to their removal. ...it {is} very informative and interesting... presented so clearly...a rich contribution to our knowledge of our past and obviously a labor or love....

Edward J. Cashin, PhD
Professor of History
Augusta College (GA)

The book has provided me a glimpse into my past, as a Weatherford. With charm and passion, Lynn Hastie has described and chronicled the life of William Weatherford. A truly refreshing look back into our history. Through her eyes we are able to see the charismatic Creek: Red Eagle, William Weatherford. As impressed as Andrew Jackson was with him, so too am I. Thank you, Lynn for taking me back home.

David D. Weatherford, Ed.D
World Book - Childcraft
Lone Star, TX

I want you to know that I enjoyed your book very much. It has been the best book I have read on the Creek history. Please send me a copy if one becomes available or when you republish. Cost is no object, that's how much I want to own your book.

Mary E. Smith
Bixby, OK

I have studied all the last 260 pages of William Weatherford's genealogy and the first 400 odd pages of the history. Hastie did a great job on this classic novel. It is hard to believe that she found time in just ten years to research that much material. Her splendid efforts will be quoted for decades (or longer) in historical works about Creek Indians and the Alabama pioneers of that period. I, for one, will certainly recommend her book to all Historical Societies and libraries that I am in contact with.

Jim Dealy

I have read far into Hastie's William Weatherford, His Country and His People. It is an amazing and fascinating work. (These words are not adequate.) I have published six books, that are mere pamphlets in comparison to Hastie's work, and each took me several years to do. How she managed to get this tremendous amount of information together in the ten years she claims is fantastic....I am also impressed with the organization and the design of this book. The type is extremely easy to read. I could go on; suffice it to say I think the book is excellent in all respects.

Warren Norville
Theodore, AL

I have received a copy of William Weatherford, His Country and His People. I have read it in part, and read all of the kind things said by Mr. Schroeder of the Mobile Public Library and find myself to be in full agreement with him in all of his praise. You have performed an admirable service to your heritage, your county, your state, indeed to your nation. I predict that your book will become a classic in the study of history and a jewel to many of the fine people whose ancestors made those times as they were and others who have and are seeking to preserve the memory of it all....I believe that you have done an admirable job of separating truth from fancy, and have presented your findings in a most interesting fashion.

David P. Mason
Mobile, AL